Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

Today Adam had the day off and so he decided to go exploring with Coke. In Layton they have a lake and whole bunch of forest area that they allow dogs (any park in Layton you are not allowed to have dogs). Right now the Lake is frozen over so there are alot of ice fishers there. Coke loves to run all over and we love it because he comes back very tired and worn out. Well today he went for a little dip. Adam said he was wandering around and started going toward the area where the river runs into the lake so it wasn't frozen over as much. He took one step and the ice broke so he fell in face first! he continually tried to climb back up but the ice kept breaking. Adam said it felt like it was ten minutes but it was probably only on a couple seconds.- Long enough for the thought to come in his head that he might have to go in after him!

He finally got back up and was just fine. He wouldn't go out on the ice anymore...we are hoping he will still like water and learn how to swim. Here is a picture that Adam took on his phone of some of the scenery.

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