Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting and Homecomings!

On September 29th my studly brother came home from serving in the San Paulo, Brazil (I know I didn't spell that right!) Mission. We all were so excited to meet him at the airport!
Chris decided as soon as my mom gave him the first hug he was going to race and jump on him...
and he did...

We are all so proud of him for serving a mission and are so excited that he is back home! We love you Chad!

Also in September we headed out into the desert to do a little bird hunting. Adam was excited to take Axle for the first time and for the most part he was a pretty good bird dog!


It has been awhile since my last update(it feels like I say that everytime I post something...sorry). So I am going to post a bunch today. First a couple updates on the baby! Here are some more pregnancy pics...I haven't taken one for a couple weeks. Right now we are at 34 weeks and things are looking good. She is definitely a mover! I would have to say though, that is the best feeling in the whole world! No, we still don't have a name picked out but we have it narrowed down at least. You may not find out until she is actually born...we will see if we can decide on one! I have been slowly getting things ready for is so hard to really feel ready!

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