Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Manti Pageant

We went to the Manti Mormon Miracle pageant last weekend with my family and had fun just hanging out with them before it started. Before the show starts they have some of the cast out wandering around saying hi, so we decided that everyone in the family needs to be embarrassed and get a picture with one of them. So we hunted them out and got pictures with some of them. The show was great and we loved being there with the family!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I have been horrible at keeping this updated! Now that summer is here I hope to be better but we will see how that goes...? I have catching up on my scrapbooking and am getting ready to develop some pictures so I thought I would put them on here while I have them altogether. Adam and I have enjoying the summer so far. We have been working on our house and trying to get the yard fixed up. We love being outside and hope to do a lot of fishing and camping this summer! Adam will be working at Summit Fitness and I have the summer off (except for some tutoring) but definitely have a To Do list. Here are some things that have happened this year so far that I have not shared flash back to...

My lil Brother coming home from his mission! I am so proud of him! Love ya!

Next is Valentines. Adam and I went with some friends on snowmobiles up to a hot spring. It was about an hour snowmobile ride in and an then out again. It was very romantic and adventurous! My kind of valentines day! Then his mom and I surprised him and his dad with a very fancy dinner after they went on a scavenger hunt!

Next was our trip to Las are a couple of the pictures we took....

One day we had a day of so we decide to do a day trip to Park City and then the Olympic Park! It was a blast and interesting to see all the Olympic things!
(Adam loves curling so he couldn't resist playing with it)

A little summer fishing already...

And last is Eric (college friend) getting married!

That was just a little tiny glimpse of some things that happened in our lives this year so far. I hope I will be better at blogging so this doesn't happen again! :)

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