Monday, November 21, 2011

2 more weeks!!

We have kind of finished our nursery. We still need a couple of letters on the wall but they just need to be painted. Ignore some of of the boxes and things in the pictures. (And a special thanks to my mom who sewed all of the bedding!!! Love you!)

I couldn't help but post this next picture. It was the last one that we got at our last appointment. The top of the picture is kind of blurry because there is a shadow, her ambolical cord and her hand in the way. But I cannot get enough of her cute nose and lips! I cannot wait to be able to hold her in my arms! Only two weeks left to my due date but I am hoping she comes before that!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting and Homecomings!

On September 29th my studly brother came home from serving in the San Paulo, Brazil (I know I didn't spell that right!) Mission. We all were so excited to meet him at the airport!
Chris decided as soon as my mom gave him the first hug he was going to race and jump on him...
and he did...

We are all so proud of him for serving a mission and are so excited that he is back home! We love you Chad!

Also in September we headed out into the desert to do a little bird hunting. Adam was excited to take Axle for the first time and for the most part he was a pretty good bird dog!


It has been awhile since my last update(it feels like I say that everytime I post something...sorry). So I am going to post a bunch today. First a couple updates on the baby! Here are some more pregnancy pics...I haven't taken one for a couple weeks. Right now we are at 34 weeks and things are looking good. She is definitely a mover! I would have to say though, that is the best feeling in the whole world! No, we still don't have a name picked out but we have it narrowed down at least. You may not find out until she is actually born...we will see if we can decide on one! I have been slowly getting things ready for is so hard to really feel ready!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Update

Sorry don't have much time to write anything...getting ready for school to start, but we took some new pictures so I thought I would at least post them!

This is the start of our cute new nursery! Adam and I spent an evening getting it all painted and he put together our new crib! The room is still full of soon as it gets cleaned out we will take more pics!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Half way there!

Here is the 20 week update with a picture of my growing belly!:)
-I still have morning sickness everyday...but am really just getting used to it!
-I don't crave anything yet...I am actually sick of food because I have to eat something little almost every hour so I don't get sick! Adam did bring me home some cheesecake bites one day hoping that those would be my craving...he said he would be glad to go get me those(because he loves them) but no luck!
-I can feel the baby move almost everyday but I haven't been able to catch it so Adam can feel it yet!
- We have started getting the baby room ready very slowly...I have a feeling it is going to go by really fast but we keep thinking we have so much time!
- We still haven't picked a name but have a list of possibilities.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"This is the Place"

Today we went with Adam's parents to This is the Place Heritage Park. We strolled through the old town and experienced what it was like for the first settlers here in Utah. Here are just a couple pictures!

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

This fourth of July was full of BBQ's, parades, family,
friends, 5k, fireworks! Here are some pictures from a fun weekend!

Adam getting a little practice with my cousins cute new baby.

Getting ready to run the 5k!

His time was 27 minutes! I am so proud of him! We then went and had breakfast at the Layton Park.
Waiting for the parade to start! After the parade we went and walked around the Layton booths then we went to go see Transformers 3D. Adam has been wanting to see that so bad. After that we went to a bbq with all our friends and watched fireworks!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


On May 8th I had the best birthday and best Mothers day! Adam and I were finally able to tell people that I was pregnant! We gave both of our mothers a present and inside was a little onsie that said "What Happens at Grandmas stays at Grandmas" We first got a call from Adam's mom who wasn't quite sure what it was about but had a clue! She was so excited and so were we! At my house we got to Skype my brother who was on a mission in Brazil. While we were on with him I made my mom open the present so he could be a part of it! She started crying! All of my brothers are so excited to be uncles but I think my dad is the most excited. My mom said that the other day when I called to see what she wanted for mothers day, she said that in the other room my dad said, "Tell her all you want is a grandchild!"
We are so excited to be starting our family. About a week ago we went to our first appointment and had an ultrasound. When we first saw picture of our little baby with arms and legs I couldn't help but start to cry! I cannot wait to be a mom and experience that miracle! Of course we are nervous and what the future will hold and how we are going to manage things but we are also so excited and blessed!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For Adam's birthday I got him a race car package at Miller Motor SportsPark. He finally got to do it. We went with his parents(his dad got one too) down to Tooelle where the track is. He got to.....
Take a tour through the car museum, which I don't know much about cars, but I was quite impressed with some of the rare cars they had...also how expensive they are now! Some in there were bought for 4 million!

He then took a short class on how to drive race cars. There is actually alot more to it than just going fast! He then buckled in and took off!

He had to ride behind a car that a professional was in but he was going really fast. I asked him after and he said he didn't look down to much but a couple times it was between 80-90 mph.
He got out with the biggest smile on his face (haha ignore the closed eyes...)

Next he got to get in the car, but this time in the passenger side, with a professional. He said he couldn't see the speedometer but the tires were screeching and he was clenched on the seat. Before they left the professional looked over and said "uh you may want to tighten your seatbelt a little more, I am used to racing firrari's"
Then they took them over to the go karts where they got to cool down and ride around in those!

He loved being able to drive a racecar and I am so glad I found such a great deal on the package!


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