Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For Adam's birthday I got him a race car package at Miller Motor SportsPark. He finally got to do it. We went with his parents(his dad got one too) down to Tooelle where the track is. He got to.....
Take a tour through the car museum, which I don't know much about cars, but I was quite impressed with some of the rare cars they had...also how expensive they are now! Some in there were bought for 4 million!

He then took a short class on how to drive race cars. There is actually alot more to it than just going fast! He then buckled in and took off!

He had to ride behind a car that a professional was in but he was going really fast. I asked him after and he said he didn't look down to much but a couple times it was between 80-90 mph.
He got out with the biggest smile on his face (haha ignore the closed eyes...)

Next he got to get in the car, but this time in the passenger side, with a professional. He said he couldn't see the speedometer but the tires were screeching and he was clenched on the seat. Before they left the professional looked over and said "uh you may want to tighten your seatbelt a little more, I am used to racing firrari's"
Then they took them over to the go karts where they got to cool down and ride around in those!

He loved being able to drive a racecar and I am so glad I found such a great deal on the package!

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Sean and Alison said...

That looks so fun! I bet he loved it!

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