Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 13, 2010

I couldn't do just one picture for today because we had to much fun to capture it with one! We woke up and got our snowmobile ready to ride, made sure we had gas, and a lunch. Then we drove over to Eric's house and loaded both snowmobiles up. We drove a while up the canyon and then unloaded the snowmobiles. We took about a 45 minute snowmobile ride up a beautiful canyon(I wish I could have captured it more). It was a beautiful sunny day but their was a blanket of snow covering everything. After about 45 minutes we came upon a hot spring where we got out of our snow clothes and into our swim suits. Sitting in that hot spring felt so good but it was hard to get out and put snow clothes back on! We ate lunch up there and then snowmobiled out again. It was a great day out in nature! A perfect Valentines date because this is how Adam and I spent most of our first dates was out snowmobiling!

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