Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010

This is Sand Springs Elementary(I didn't take this picture). This is the school I work at and spend many hours at. I teach sixth grade and love it! It is definitely a new adventure everyday. Here is just a little example of what my days consist of.
The counselor came to give a lesson and she asked what is "attitude". There was a pause as they were all thinking and then one of my girls raises her hand and says "It is something you give your parents!"
Haha welcome to sixth grade! I love being able to joke around with them but they haven't decided if they want to be adults or kids and some days are better than others. I have a great team and I love the curriculum. Right now we are learning about space, Greek Gods and Goddess', negative numbers and persuasive writing. Adam makes fun of me all the time because I am always staying late there just getting things done(everyone says how awesome it would be cause you are done when the kids leave and you get summers off...haha...teachers just laugh when they hear that because we all know the truth!).


Sean and Ali said...

That is hilarious about Attitude! Good times! I remember learning about the Greek Gods, I always find that kind of fasinating. Good luck!

Cassie and Adam Sturm said...

haha ya that was like my first couple weeks in and I was like- what did I get myself into?!

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