Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

This is Coke our chocolate lab. He is an extra large puppy that likes to get into everything. He has discovered a new hobby of eating sticks! Well we think he just chews on them but it is not benificial to our bushes in our yard. In this picture are the remains of what is left of what used to be a large bush. He has used it as his chew toy! But we love him anyway! Adam has been watching a dog show on tv today where it is like dog olympics. They have to go through these obstacles, catch frisbee's, race and other things. They is one part where they through toys into the water and it is a competition to see how far the dogs can jump. Adam is now determined that we should train Coke to do that! I can see them now when it gets warmer...Adam will be out fishing at the lake all nice a peaceful like and then comes coke splashing out to catch the bobber. Haha

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Sean and Ali said...

You blog is way cute! Yay for picture of the day! I am excited! I love blogging! Sorry about your shoes Adam...must be tough :)

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