Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

So I am finding it really hard to be creative with this "picture a day" thing, especially on days like today when I spent pretty much the whole day at school, came home made dinner, and then went to bed. So I warn you know some may be really todays!
We have been searching forever for a comforter for our bed that matched our rooms decor and we finally found one! So here is the finished project and I love it!...although now we are thinking about possibly changing the color of blue on the walls because it is brighter than we expected and we like the color blue on the comforter better. I will be lucky though if I can get Adam to paint again...he hates if anyone want to come help...haha...! Now we just have to hang things on the wall like pictures and art and our room will be complete!
Oh and in case you haven't seen our branch here is a picture of it too. I have had a picture from a magazine since high school and it showed this branch and I always wanted it in my future room. So Adam(such a sweetheart) scoured the mountain side for a good branch! We finally found one...and after much spray gloss and getting rid of the bugs inside of it, he hung it perfectly on the wall! Thanks Adam!!!

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