Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July

Welcome to the redneck sport of America...the Demolition Derby. It was a classic place to spend one day of the fourth of july weekend! Adam and I decided that is the best place to do some people watching! There were some interesting people there and we loved cheering as car crashed into each other for survival of the fittest! Then we got to watch Ogdens fireworks!

On Sunday we went to my families house for a BBQ. We spent time with my family and cousins and then did fireworks after!

My families dog loves fireworks (I know crazy) but he would go up and try to bite it!
On Monday we went to the Layton Parade and then to all of the shops in the park! It was great! Then that evening we invited some friends over and had smores and launched some fireworks. Then we sat in our backyard and watched the Layton fireworks! I love Fourth of July on Sunday because we get three days of celebrating!

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