Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Weekend

This past weekend Adam and I had a very full weekend spent with both sides of our family. As we enjoyed the company and laughs of one we found ourselves rushing off to see the others. We spent alot of time in the car as we went all over(Coke came too!)Here are some of the pictures from our adventures.
Here we are driving along side my family as we make our way to Yuba Lake! We loved being out in nature. We did some fishing(the guy next to us caught alot...we didn't have much success), we jet skied and got some sun!

Here is my cute grandpa out fishing!
Coke kind of learned how to swim. He mostly stands on his hind legs and splashes alot with his front ones. He looks pretty funny!
We loved being out on the jet skies!

Coke trying to save Adam!

Next we went to Soda Springs, ID to help Adam's grandparents move into a new house. We spent the night out camping and then when we were finished we went to Star Valley, WY to spend some time with his parents!

It was a long fun weekend that we wish would have lasted longer!

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