Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Projects

Now that summer is over and school has begun free time all of the sudden dissapears. This summer we tried to do alot of projects around the house. Here are a couple of the MANY things we worked on this summer!
This one is my favorite! We went to a store and found this big vinyl tree for like $50. So then I decided I will just make it. I was able to find a store that sells large vinyl sheets and drew it and cut it out. We were able to make it for about $15 instead! I then painted and got the pictures ready and put it all together! We love it!

Then we had extra vinyl and put a branch down the hallway to tie it all together!
The next thing was something Adam did all on his own to suprise me while I was at girls camp! He knew I wanted a bench out front so bad and when we couldn't find one he was sweet and made me one! It was his first big wood work project and I was sooo impressed.
Then we made planter boxes and painted them and then filled it. We still need to add things to the wall above the bench and decoration in the boxes.
Another thing is this dresser. Adam came home one day with a run down broken dresser he said he got from the side of the road...or a dumpster...I don't even remember! But he said he saw potential in it and wanted to see if we could fix it up. (He did most of the work!). He sanded it and painted it and fixed the drawers. As you can see one of the handles are missing. We are planning on replacing all of them soon.

I love working on things with him and making our house look better! I love that he loves doing stuff like this! We are such a good team!


Candice Baker said...

Looks like you guys have been busy. Adam, the bench is amazing. I really like the family tree idea....

Carrot said...

You are so creative! I love the tree idea! I'm totally going to have to steal that one!

Cherilee said...

Holy cow Cassie! I love the vinyl tree and the pictures. I wish I had your talent

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